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Every writing company that operates online says that it offers quality services to its customers. For anyone logging onto the Internet to seek for writing services for the very first time, this is pretty easy to believe because it sounds very good and genuine. Unfortunately, it is not true but it is the trick that sham companies use lure unsuspecting customers, especially students. The truth is, most writing companies operating online just want to make quick money and really do not care about meeting the needs of consumers. Most of the time, they generate unoriginal products that their unqualified staff copy form existing sources and write in poor grammar because they lack basic writing skills. Such companies are not really after retaining customers so they thrive on one-time jobs and are certain that they cannot get repeat clients. Their way of providing services online actually frightens students. is here to try and fix this. On this platform, we use customer reviews to educate students who are looking for writing services so that they can find the best services. savvywritingcareers.comaccepts customer reviews and invites students who have used writing services before to write reviews. We look for particular information from the reviews so our requests focus more on gathering information about the rights that consumers are given e.g. right to receive accurate information, request for review of assignments, talk to writers directly or get regular progress reports. We also seek to know what kind of policies writing companies have and how clear those policies are as well as how well they are adhered to. Writer qualifications as well their level of professionalism is also something we seek to know plus the written work samples availability and issuance of plagiarism scan reports. In addition, we conduct our own research on writing companies through their websites and social media sites.

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Once we get this information, we process it and rate writing services using a rating scale that captures those features that are important to students like timely delivery of assignments, usability of end products, customer support, pricing of writing services and quality of products. The results of this rating process show the performance of each company. Based on their performance, writing companies are then given numerical scores that show how they rank on our reports. We publish the reports on this website so that students can access them for free and make use of the information that is contained there in finding reputable companies that can be depended up on to generate quality products.

Our platform also has additional resources from the best ranking writing services that show how their procedures work. They are presented below in the form of videos and website links. Anyone wishing to learn more about these companies’ operations can view the videos online or visit their websites using these links.