InBoundWriter for WordPress Plug-In Can Strengthen Your Web Content Writing

I’ve been testing InBoundWriter for WordPress Plug-In on my writer website, for a few weeks and have been pleasantly surprised by the plug-in. It’s helped me to strengthen my web content writing. The plug-in forces you to think about your ‘keywords/phrases’ and examine what information people are searching for. Not only does this benefit you, the freelance writer, but more importantly, it benefits your writing clients. It’s a win-win situation!

Web Content Writing is Easy with InBoundWriter for WordPress Plug-In

The good news about InBoundWriter for WordPress Plug-In* is it’s easy to install and use. Click here to download the plug-in.

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How does InBound Writer for WordPress Plug-In Work?

Once you download the plug-in, you’ll see the InBoundWriter ‘Document Score’ which keeps you on track with your web content writing.

The first step is to type in your keywords/phrases — you’re allowed to choose three keywords/phrases.

InBoundWriter will analyze your keywords/phrases. The software rates keywords/phrases on a 5-star scale. Obviously, 5-star is the best; 1-star isn’t so great.

It’s important to keep your readers in mind when you write web content; however, you want to be mindful of best SEO practices.

Once you have your keywords/phrases selected, start writing. This is where the program kicks it up a notch. As you write, InBoundWriter for WordPress Plug-In will ‘score‘ your web content. A high score means you’re on the right track. A low score means your web content needs to be tweaked; your keywords/phrases may need to be fine tuned as well.

If you need to ‘improve’ your web content writing, InBound Writer for WordPress Plug-In will provide you with tips on ‘how to improve’ your content. Examples of ways to improve your web content:

  • Refine the focus of your document.
  • Shorten your title.
  • Reconsider your keywords/phrases.
  • Move a focus term to the beginning of your document.
  • Suggested terms with a higher rating.

InBoundWriter for WordPress Plug-In is like having a writing coach at your service 24/7 and right at your fingertips.

Your readers will be able to find your content online because of the keywords/phrases you’ve used and your awesome web content.

More importantly, if you use InBoundWriter to write web content for your clients, you’ll assist them with increasing their web traffic and sales and revenues.

How Much Does InBoundWriter for WordPress Plug-In Cost?

There are two options: Free and a Paid Monthly Option.

The “Free” option includes:

  • Unlimited use.
  • Topic and keyword research.
  • Search popularity optimization.
  • Search competition optimization.
  • Reader targeting optimization.
  • MUST place an InBoundWriter badge on your blog posts.

The “Paid” option costs $19.95 per month and includes:

  • Unlimited use.
  • Topic and keyword research.
  • Search popularity optimization.
  • Search competition optimization.
  • Reader targeting optimization.
  • Ad revenue optimization — use with Google AdSense.
  • Opt-out of promotional badge.

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