How to Write a Twitter Bio That Gets You Noticed and Followers

Right or wrong, a Twitter bio is your chance to make a ‘good’ first impression. That’s right, it’s important to know how to write a Twitter bio that attracts followers. Why?¬†An interesting Twitter bio can increase followers.

Authors and writers use Twitter to connect with readers, network, and find writing clients.

A Twitter bio that’s ho-hum could repel followers faster than a can of bug spray.

I’ve read many Twitter bios and some of them make me yawn. Do followers need to know you’re a mother of triplets or a father of the best six-year-old on the planet earth? Not really. TMI … too much information (personal) can turn-off Twitter followers.

Even though Twitter allows 160 characters, it’s best to keep a Twitter bio between 120-130 characters.


People are busy and most prefer short bits of information. A lengthy Twitter bio may not make as much of an impact.

Below are tips to help you write a Twitter bio that gets you noticed and followers.

How to Write a Twitter Bio That Attracts Followers

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Try to use 120-140 characters, if you can

Try to write a Twitter bio that’s 120-140 characters, even though you’re allowed 160 characters. If you go over by a few characters, don’t stress about it. If you use the full 160 characters, it could work for you.

Remember to show and not tell!

Give your Twitter bio some personality

Don’t be afraid to give your Twitter bio personality. Be bold, be humorous, and be you.

Check out

Watch your language, sort of

You may want to avoid using profanity if you’re worried that it could make others see you in an unprofessional light. Of course, you can always use symbols such as &*%$ to get your point across. User your own judgment and do what’s right for you.

Now you know how to write a Twitter bio that gets you noticed and followers. Have fun with your Twitter bio, show your passion. Be daring — show-off your personality. You don’t have to follow the crowd.

What are some of your favorite Twitter bios? Share.

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